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Planeten og Mennesker

Elementbyggeri er i stigende grad det fortrukne valg og med god grund. Huse bygget med elementer har mindre risiko for at optage fugt i byggeperioden, da elementerne bygges under kontrollerede forhold. AMOVIDO’S patenterede produkt tilbyder bærende elementer der overholder høje brandkrav og tilmed en yderst slank konstruktion.


Elementer med de rette værdier!

Vores kvalitetselementer overholder alle byggemæssige krav og vil bidrage positivt til verdens store Co2 klima udfordringer.


Vi er dedikerede til at levere bæredygtige og miljøvenlige elementer, og vores beregninger viser os tydeligt, at de vil have en positiv effekt.

Reduceret Co2

AMOVIDO houses last a lifetime, but we think ahead and has developed something we call “Crush Your House” where we re-use the old elements and create new elements.

Energy Efficiency

Lowering the need

More Living Space

With our patented and unique technology, we are able to deliver significantly more living square meters in countries where measured outside. The high isolation value of polyurethane makes our walls much thinner than the standard walls of traditional construction.

Changeable Construction

We have created an awesome way of creating a house. As we use polyurethane as a load-bearing part of the construction it also means that should you need a new opening for a window or door it easy to cut a hole with no need for a lot of the traditional work.

Well Known Materials

We use well-known materials that have a long track record which means that you are not part of an experiment but rather something unique as it is our combination of materials and how we put it all together that makes AMOVIDO Houses so unique.

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Management Team.

AMOVIDO consists of a team with a combined extensive experience and proven track record.



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